First Track Meet

So our first track meet is in Madill on Friday, a day that we wont have school. I am kind of nervous, but i know that if I believe in my self and the training that Coach Bell has given me, I know that I can be successful. I know that I have to believe in my self and work harder than anybody and everybody. It will not be easy, but through hard work and days of glorious pain there will be a final result from the training and extra hard work I put into my track skills. I ant to be great at running but it has to start somewhere. The first meet is where you find out how hard you have worked in the pre season. How much effort you put into your workouts determines how you will place. I am setting a goal to go to state and at least place. I want to be able to take my coach to state and make him proud. I know that i have the will and right mindset. All I have to do is go show out. do exactly what I have been taught and trained for.


April’s fools

The first day of April is dedicated to the fools who are preyed upon and humiliated. It is a day to make people believe your childish jokes and then say “April fools.” The most annoying one is when someone says that they have a kid on the way or they are pregnant when you know good and well that they don’t. They are only being stupid. It is really annoying. The biggest one that has ever happened to me is when I was in a foster home. I was at school as usual, then I got picked up by our house parents. They put me in the front seat, which was very rare. When we got to the group home office, they dropped me off and told me that my counselor needed to see me. My counselor was like my second dad. I walked down the hall way to his office. I see some bags that looked like they had clothing and belongings. I knew what this meant because I had seen it too many times. He said to have a seat and I did. He started to say that my caseworker was on the way. I couldn’t meet his eyes, but from the corner of my vision i could see him start to smile. He then started laughing. I smiled like I knew he would say that. He said April’s fools. I stood up and said jokingly, I can’t stand you. He stood up and gave me a hug. That was the best April’s fools day prank that has happened to me.

Track meet at Tishomingo

I had a track meet at Tishomingo about two fridays ago. It started off with me driving out into the middle of nowhere to pick up one of my teammates. After I got him, we stopped at the gas store to fill up my car and grabbed something to drink. Then we were off to the track meet. We were way ahead of schedule, but it is better to early than it is late. We stop at a friends house which is where I stayed that weekend. I surprised my brother by being there. We grabbed some stuff out of my car and then headed to the track. We were still really early. there were only a couple tish kids there. we waited for almost an hour before our bus showed up. The day was full of great things. I ran the 4×1 and did really good, i did okay on the 4×2, and did pretty good on the 4×4. I ran a 59 second 400. I felt so dead after i ran the 400. After the meet we went and ate at sonic and then dairy queen. The ice cream felt so good considering i hadnt really had anything cold that day. We waited for his mom to get off of work and then we went to the redbox to rent a movie and a game. we stayed up almost all night playing games and watching movies. It was a great weekend. I ran really good and then i had a good weekend.

School is almost out

Less than two weeks of school left and track is coming to a slow sad end. At least for this year. My senior year has went by so fast. It has been the fastest year of my high school years. This has probably been the best year of high school though. We only have two more meets left and then if we qualify for state thatll be the last meet. I am proud of what i have accomplished. I have beat my personal record in track.I got a scholarship for track at a small college in muskogee. The least i can say is ill be going to college. Im excited to start college. Itll be hard work but itll be fun. Its the start of a new path in the journey of life.


Music is what keeps me going. I don’t go a day without music or finding new music to listen to. If i hear someone listening to a song and i like it i will write it down and listen to it or download it later. Music is what calms me down, or gets me mad so i can run better. Whatever i do, i always have ton have music. Music is just so relaxing and newly developing, especially in todays society with all the new technology. I still admire the Vietnam era music like ccr and jimi hendrix. there are multiple bands that i favor. Music is major in todays culture no matter where you are from. I love music. i listen to a wide variety of music from day to day. The music i listen to depends on my mood. It changes constantly. But i cant go with out my music.


I didnt go to prom at any of the schools i went to. I’m not one for dancing or partying so i didnt even go. I went to a winter formal. I didnt even do anything there. I just set around and looked at everyone else having fun and dancing. I didnt have the money to buy clothes for prom. Even if i did i didnt have a date. Whenever people asked me why im not going to prom, i simply just said i dont have a date or i cant dance but they said to go with friends. well see thats the thing, i dont really have that many people i can call friends. If i had went i probably would have gotten ditched as always. The party life really isnt for me. They say i need to enjoy my senior year but im not really one for dancing. I dont like to put myself out to there to get embarrassed.

Ted talks

So for one of our final grades we have to perform a ted talk. a ted talk is where you explain something to a group of people. Im not a great speaker when it comes to an audience so im kinda nervous. They say it only has to last five minutes. thats not terribly bad. I can speak for five minutes. But i still have no idea what im going to speak about. i probably should have started earlier. im trying to put so much work into suchb a small amount of time. Its almnost impossible to do all i need to do. but i will finish this. All i have to dso is actually work on it and finish it. I dont know why i started slacking off. Maybe its from the death of my uncle, but who knows. Ive never slacked ioff this much


leap year

Leap year only comes once every four years. It should be special. If I could be doing anything besides be at school, I would be sleeping in and maybe get a good run in later that day. I would like to go driving around the lake if the weather was formidable. Leap year is just another day. I would be going to travel the world and not care where the wind takes me. I’ve always wanted to go see new places and travel and see new cultures. I want to go take a hunting trip and have an extra day in the year to enjoy. Leap year would be my day to escape from the world. This world has become so hostile and dangerous. If I could, I would go to the mountains of colorado with my grandpa. He likes to hunt and go to colorado to see his friends. Leap year should be the longest day of the year so you could do so many activities in that single day. Leap years is also a very rare birthday. Happy birthday to those whose birthday is today.