Last week of school

So this week will be like this:

Monday: Signing day

Tuesday: Senior Banquet

Wednesday: Last day of regular school

Friday: Graduation

This year has really flown by. I didnt think it would be gone this fast. Guess it is time to say our final goodbyes. We are about to go our separate ways.  Its sad but it is only a new beginning into the bigger world. A world where there are many and multiple oppurtunities. I cant wait to go to college. Itll be fun. Itll be a new start with people i csn be friends with for a long while. This is only a new path that i have worked hard for. I wont be a let down. I want to actually succeed. Going to college is going to be a new experience. A new chapter in the book they call life. There are too many chances to go different ways and be successful in life they just have to be able to see it. People give up too easily.They expect easy handouts but those people who are so successful had to work for everything they have. That being said, we need to keep working to be successful, we cant give up.


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