Last Friday

So the time has come to the point where its the last friday of the school year, but its my last friday as a high schooler. I fel like these next couple of days will be sucky. I wish i was still at the beginning, starting as a freshman. I swear i was just a freshman. They were right. Each year that goes by goes by faster each time. Im going to hate not being in high school. Through the hate, love and all the horrible homework, i finally made it. It has been a long road, but im here. Many people thought that I would never be anything in life. Well this is only a small step in the right direction. I will become something greater than i had ever imagined. I will be better than the circumstance that i have been handed. The fight will be there but i have to never give up. I wont give them the satisfaction they want. I will keep striving to be a better person. I am s close to graduation, and each day that passes i can taste the bittersweet end of high school approaches ever so fast. I dont really want high school to end. I actually enjoy it even though it can be really annoying.


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