Track and field. The sport I love. Arguably one of the hardest sports in the world. Track and field is a mixture of a bunch of running events as well as throwing and jumping. For instance they have the sprints,m like the 100, 200, 300 hurdle, 110 hurdle, 400 hurdle. They have longer runs like the mile and two mile, and a half mile sprint. The throwing consists of javelin, shotput, discus, hammer throw and other events. The first time i ever ran track i fell in love with the sport. You have to be fast and have an attitude. I have to work for everything i have because i struggle with asthma. Even though I have asthma, I want to become better at track. I want to be able to push past those barriers that want to break me and make me not able to be the best I can. When people see me, they tell me they think I am slow, but i go out and work harder than anybody. I get out from under those who try to make me nothing. I push through what they tell me. I make them see that hard work beats anything. I love track with everything I have.


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