Track Regionals

Last Saturday, we had regionals for track. There were both 3a and 2a schools but we ran separate. I believe we got sixth overall, which isn’t too bad. I didnt qualify to move on to state. I ran my 200m dash and my knee ended up getting hurt. I dont even know how it happened. I stretched for like 30-50 minutes. But I did my best with the given circumstances. What really kind of ticks me off is we had two people who didnt even try. They didnt want to go to state so the fell on purpose or slowed down purpose. That kind of attitude makes me kind of mad. If you have a chance to go to state take it. It might not ever come again. Id be regretting it later in life, knowing i didnt take the chance to go to state. The meet was held in tish. It was so freaking muddy. I hated it. You couldnt walk anywhere without walking in water or mud. My shoes were so soaked before i even got to run. Then we had some kid from another school come over and use our blankets and stay in our tent/area and while i was trying to rest took some of my food. Man, i swear people are so rude. I was glad when we got to leave. It had been a long day. I was so ready for a hot bath and a welcoming bed.


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