Track meet at Tishomingo

I had a track meet at Tishomingo about two fridays ago. It started off with me driving out into the middle of nowhere to pick up one of my teammates. After I got him, we stopped at the gas store to fill up my car and grabbed something to drink. Then we were off to the track meet. We were way ahead of schedule, but it is better to early than it is late. We stop at a friends house which is where I stayed that weekend. I surprised my brother by being there. We grabbed some stuff out of my car and then headed to the track. We were still really early. there were only a couple tish kids there. we waited for almost an hour before our bus showed up. The day was full of great things. I ran the 4×1 and did really good, i did okay on the 4×2, and did pretty good on the 4×4. I ran a 59 second 400. I felt so dead after i ran the 400. After the meet we went and ate at sonic and then dairy queen. The ice cream felt so good considering i hadnt really had anything cold that day. We waited for his mom to get off of work and then we went to the redbox to rent a movie and a game. we stayed up almost all night playing games and watching movies. It was a great weekend. I ran really good and then i had a good weekend.

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