Why is school important? School prepares you the adult world where you have to eventually assume mature responsibilities. People come to school to make friends or to get away from broken homes. Yeah, that might be the case, but for those who come to school to make trouble, and not do work, life has a reality check coming for them. I like to think of school as a job shadow. You learn as much as you can during high school, then you further your education through college then you go into the work force. If you dont have the right type of mindset, you wont make it very far. If you give up easily, you won’t make it very far. Nothing successful has ever come easily. Look around you and see that all the people who are successful, have had major upsets, but they bounced back and persevered. Use the setback as a motivator and push past the barriers of failure and society’s standards and make something great with your name. dont settle for anything less than what you know you can achieve. always set goals of a high standard.. So that being said, Become your own legend. Set the pace and run to your own tempo.


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