My first car wreck

Coming home from checking on a job possibility, and making a stop at my friends house, i was involved in a car wreck. I remember coming down the street getting ready for a 45 zone but i was only going 40 and i was slowing down because i saw the people on the side street. I get about 5-15 feet away and the people pull out in front of me and we collided. I remember hearing a loud bang and then hearing the tires squeal. I remember hearing the bang of the metal on metal of the cars that collided. I get out of my car and see if they were ok and the guy (passenger) starts yelling at me. i walk away and let someone else deal with them. when the police arrive, he told them that i had a girl in my car and that she got out and ran. I tried to open my door and you couldnt open it. i dont even know how that came about. Now we have to play this whole insurance waiting game. I really hope they get my car fixed or they try to get me another car or i will take it to court.


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