leap year

Leap year only comes once every four years. It should be special. If I could be doing anything besides be at school, I would be sleeping in and maybe get a good run in later that day. I would like to go driving around the lake if the weather was formidable. Leap year is just another day. I would be going to travel the world and not care where the wind takes me. I’ve always wanted to go see new places and travel and see new cultures. I want to go take a hunting trip and have an extra day in the year to enjoy. Leap year would be my day to escape from the world. This world has become so hostile and dangerous. If I could, I would go to the mountains of colorado with my grandpa. He likes to hunt and go to colorado to see his friends. Leap year should be the longest day of the year so you could do so many activities in that single day. Leap years is also a very rare birthday. Happy birthday to those whose birthday is today.

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