Last week of school

Well, they were right. Each year of high school goes by faster each year. My senior year has gone by so fast. Im not the same person in was at the beginning of the year. Im actually kind of nervous to graduate. Im going to miss school. But then again i have to prepare for college. My grandpa wont be of much help. He cant buy anything for me right now. I need clothes that dont smell like cigarette smoke. But he wont get me some. He says just washing them will take away the smell. I have tried that. It still stays in the clothes. He says if i need new clothes or want some clothes i need to get a job. I cant even get a job if i dont have a car. I sure as heck cant get a job if i cant get there every time im scheduled to. I hope they hurry up and fix my car or get me a newer car.


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