How many of you like to hunt or fish? I love it. It gets you away from society and all of the negativity. Even if you don’t get a kill, it is still calming to walk through the woods and hear what god has placed here, and to see the beauty of nature in all of its wild glory. I love taking walks through the woods when I am stressed. It really calms you down. At least for me, its a coping skill. Putting in your headphones and taking a stroll through the trails, or even venturing to find your own path. you kinda get distracted and lose track of time. But once you come back, you feel relieved, you feel like you have a better attitude or better perspective on the way you see things. Walking by a river and finding a spot to sit it pretty calming also. You can find a nice rock or log to plop down upon and listen to the birds singing, the water rushing as it flows downstream, the wind rustling the leaves. I love living in the woods because it is away from people, but i hate being so far away from friends.


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