April’s fools

The first day of April is dedicated to the fools who are preyed upon and humiliated. It is a day to make people believe your childish jokes and then say “April fools.” The most annoying one is when someone says that they have a kid on the way or they are pregnant when you know good and well that they don’t. They are only being stupid. It is really annoying. The biggest one that has ever happened to me is when I was in a foster home. I was at school as usual, then I got picked up by our house parents. They put me in the front seat, which was very rare. When we got to the group home office, they dropped me off and told me that my counselor needed to see me. My counselor was like my second dad. I walked down the hall way to his office. I see some bags that looked like they had clothing and belongings. I knew what this meant because I had seen it too many times. He said to have a seat and I did. He started to say that my caseworker was on the way. I couldn’t meet his eyes, but from the corner of my vision i could see him start to smile. He then started laughing. I smiled like I knew he would say that. He said April’s fools. I stood up and said jokingly, I can’t stand you. He stood up and gave me a hug. That was the best April’s fools day prank that has happened to me.


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