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Last week of school

So this week will be like this:

Monday: Signing day

Tuesday: Senior Banquet

Wednesday: Last day of regular school

Friday: Graduation

This year has really flown by. I didnt think it would be gone this fast. Guess it is time to say our final goodbyes. We are about to go our separate ways.  Its sad but it is only a new beginning into the bigger world. A world where there are many and multiple oppurtunities. I cant wait to go to college. Itll be fun. Itll be a new start with people i csn be friends with for a long while. This is only a new path that i have worked hard for. I wont be a let down. I want to actually succeed. Going to college is going to be a new experience. A new chapter in the book they call life. There are too many chances to go different ways and be successful in life they just have to be able to see it. People give up too easily.They expect easy handouts but those people who are so successful had to work for everything they have. That being said, we need to keep working to be successful, we cant give up.


Last Friday

So the time has come to the point where its the last friday of the school year, but its my last friday as a high schooler. I fel like these next couple of days will be sucky. I wish i was still at the beginning, starting as a freshman. I swear i was just a freshman. They were right. Each year that goes by goes by faster each time. Im going to hate not being in high school. Through the hate, love and all the horrible homework, i finally made it. It has been a long road, but im here. Many people thought that I would never be anything in life. Well this is only a small step in the right direction. I will become something greater than i had ever imagined. I will be better than the circumstance that i have been handed. The fight will be there but i have to never give up. I wont give them the satisfaction they want. I will keep striving to be a better person. I am s close to graduation, and each day that passes i can taste the bittersweet end of high school approaches ever so fast. I dont really want high school to end. I actually enjoy it even though it can be really annoying.

Let the countdown begin

Its almost here. Graduation is on the rise. Its within 10 days of no longer being a high schooler. I think the closer it gets the harder it is to realize that Im actually about to do this on my own. People that have known me for so long usually can say i might be afraid of success. I always denied it but now i think to myself and say What Lies Beyond this? Im feeling like its coming to an end but yet i know that it is just the beginning of a new journey. I dont want to fail, but yet what am i doing to make sure that i succeed.

My first car wreck

Coming home from checking on a job possibility, and making a stop at my friends house, i was involved in a car wreck. I remember coming down the street getting ready for a 45 zone but i was only going 40 and i was slowing down because i saw the people on the side street. I get about 5-15 feet away and the people pull out in front of me and we collided. I remember hearing a loud bang and then hearing the tires squeal. I remember hearing the bang of the metal on metal of the cars that collided. I get out of my car and see if they were ok and the guy (passenger) starts yelling at me. i walk away and let someone else deal with them. when the police arrive, he told them that i had a girl in my car and that she got out and ran. I tried to open my door and you couldnt open it. i dont even know how that came about. Now we have to play this whole insurance waiting game. I really hope they get my car fixed or they try to get me another car or i will take it to court.

Last week of school

Well, they were right. Each year of high school goes by faster each year. My senior year has gone by so fast. Im not the same person in was at the beginning of the year. Im actually kind of nervous to graduate. Im going to miss school. But then again i have to prepare for college. My grandpa wont be of much help. He cant buy anything for me right now. I need clothes that dont smell like cigarette smoke. But he wont get me some. He says just washing them will take away the smell. I have tried that. It still stays in the clothes. He says if i need new clothes or want some clothes i need to get a job. I cant even get a job if i dont have a car. I sure as heck cant get a job if i cant get there every time im scheduled to. I hope they hurry up and fix my car or get me a newer car.

Track Regionals

Last Saturday, we had regionals for track. There were both 3a and 2a schools but we ran separate. I believe we got sixth overall, which isn’t too bad. I didnt qualify to move on to state. I ran my 200m dash and my knee ended up getting hurt. I dont even know how it happened. I stretched for like 30-50 minutes. But I did my best with the given circumstances. What really kind of ticks me off is we had two people who didnt even try. They didnt want to go to state so the fell on purpose or slowed down purpose. That kind of attitude makes me kind of mad. If you have a chance to go to state take it. It might not ever come again. Id be regretting it later in life, knowing i didnt take the chance to go to state. The meet was held in tish. It was so freaking muddy. I hated it. You couldnt walk anywhere without walking in water or mud. My shoes were so soaked before i even got to run. Then we had some kid from another school come over and use our blankets and stay in our tent/area and while i was trying to rest took some of my food. Man, i swear people are so rude. I was glad when we got to leave. It had been a long day. I was so ready for a hot bath and a welcoming bed.


Why is school important? School prepares you the adult world where you have to eventually assume mature responsibilities. People come to school to make friends or to get away from broken homes. Yeah, that might be the case, but for those who come to school to make trouble, and not do work, life has a reality check coming for them. I like to think of school as a job shadow. You learn as much as you can during high school, then you further your education through college then you go into the work force. If you dont have the right type of mindset, you wont make it very far. If you give up easily, you won’t make it very far. Nothing successful has ever come easily. Look around you and see that all the people who are successful, have had major upsets, but they bounced back and persevered. Use the setback as a motivator and push past the barriers of failure and society’s standards and make something great with your name. dont settle for anything less than what you know you can achieve. always set goals of a high standard.. So that being said, Become your own legend. Set the pace and run to your own tempo.

leap year

Leap year is only an extra day of the year. I’d like to sleep in on this extra day of the year. Or i’d like to go visit different states. Or i might get called in to work. Leap year only happens once every four years. I think it sucks for those people who have a birthday once every four years. But I bet they celebrate their birthday February 28th. I don’t really know what else to talk about. Leap year is just another day in the office, i guess. It’s nothing of importance to me. If I had to go to school on that day, it’s not that important. But on the other hand, it is important to somebody. I wonder how leap year started. It must have been a long time ago. I really feel like going to sleep right now. speaking of sleep, that is what i would absolutely love to do right now. This is an uninteresting topic to me. but I have to talk about it. As an english assignment, we started a thing called wordpress. we can blog about anything but our first blog is about leap year. Leap year is just another day to be thankful for. As long as i have another day to live and see another day i am happy. Each day is a blessing not a privilege. So, all in all, Leap Year is another day to say thank you for another blessing, another breath of air. We never know when we will leave this place.


Track and field. The sport I love. Arguably one of the hardest sports in the world. Track and field is a mixture of a bunch of running events as well as throwing and jumping. For instance they have the sprints,m like the 100, 200, 300 hurdle, 110 hurdle, 400 hurdle. They have longer runs like the mile and two mile, and a half mile sprint. The throwing consists of javelin, shotput, discus, hammer throw and other events. The first time i ever ran track i fell in love with the sport. You have to be fast and have an attitude. I have to work for everything i have because i struggle with asthma. Even though I have asthma, I want to become better at track. I want to be able to push past those barriers that want to break me and make me not able to be the best I can. When people see me, they tell me they think I am slow, but i go out and work harder than anybody. I get out from under those who try to make me nothing. I push through what they tell me. I make them see that hard work beats anything. I love track with everything I have.


How many of you like to hunt or fish? I love it. It gets you away from society and all of the negativity. Even if you don’t get a kill, it is still calming to walk through the woods and hear what god has placed here, and to see the beauty of nature in all of its wild glory. I love taking walks through the woods when I am stressed. It really calms you down. At least for me, its a coping skill. Putting in your headphones and taking a stroll through the trails, or even venturing to find your own path. you kinda get distracted and lose track of time. But once you come back, you feel relieved, you feel like you have a better attitude or better perspective on the way you see things. Walking by a river and finding a spot to sit it pretty calming also. You can find a nice rock or log to plop down upon and listen to the birds singing, the water rushing as it flows downstream, the wind rustling the leaves. I love living in the woods because it is away from people, but i hate being so far away from friends.